Full 3D Synergy

Full 3D Synergy consists of three pillars:

3D Protect (Blockchain) & 3D Cafe (Physical Appearance) & 3D Print Points (Market).

GCC 3D Cafe

Education, fun & 3D technology

We created a Licensed 3D printing themed Café concept, which serves as a 3D retail shop, a 3D Education centre, 3D service, and print point – all in one location. The café is an ideal working space created in a stylish Danish design for imaginative and open-minded people and 3D enthusiasts to talk, educate, and relax. Enjoy everything from 3D Printing to French-Spanish Mediterranean Tapas style finger foods, snacks, desserts, fresh-pressed healthy juice bar, and delicious coffee, with chillout lounge music.

GCC 3D Smart Contract

GCC 3D Protect

Advanced 3D Printing Process Protection

One should be very careful in protecting the process of creating, storing digital projects, and producing goods in the safest way possible. Recent advances in technology allow bad actors to counterfeit almost anything and everything, this entitles us to step beyond and be ready to protect our vision.

The digital world is always evolving, and the concept of decentralization is where unique and successful projects are heading. Decentralized solutions in blockchain technology combined with a deep level of cryptography, allow us to provide the highest level of protection.

3D Print Points

3D printing for everyone & everywhere!

The 3DPrintPoints business idea is similar to Airbnb for hotels. The platform enables 3D printer providers to offer their services on the platform by opening an account and filling in all necessary data. Opening an account is free of charge. Users can order printing on the platform in a location of their choice. The platform utilizes a dedicated price calculation. The engine – based on the original model drawing uploaded to print – calculates the end-user price, including a commission for the platform.