Our Vision
& Mission

Our mission is to improve the way people buy or sell and produce everyday goods and services:

to reduce the costs of logistics & manufacturing
to help with getting the missing parts that could be hard to source or buy before
to educate how 3D technology can help reduce the pollution on earth

By digitizing and decentralizing manufacturing and logistics, we aim to contribute to the environment and people.

We believe that for the first time in human history, anyone, no matter where they are, has a unique opportunity to become a part of the global 3D manufacturing community via online platforms.

The GCC3D is a base token with interchanging value and information capable of connecting printers, merchants, and customers.

Full 3D Synergy


Tokenomy and Tech Spec

Basic specification:

Global 3D Currency

2 400 000 000
(2 400 mln)


Multicurrency Web Wallet

GCC Web Wallet is a place where you can store your GCC3D tokens safely online. Receiving and sending GCCs has never been more accessible.

Get instant access to your funds by logging into your web wallet online from any device that allows web browsing – almost anywhere in the world.

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Multicurrency Web Wallet


Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced minds from around the globe who love decentralization and aim for constant progress.

We collaborate with the best software and blockchain professionals.

Our company is continually expanding and looking out for the best of the best to help us reach our goals.

Everyone onboard shares the same vision and is driven by the idea of shaping a better future!

Meet our team


Ecosystem24 it is our idea to create a group of essential portals and products to boost global GCC3D awareness as a successful and attractive payment method. From a cup of coffee to professionally 3D printed objects!

The Ecosystem24 will provide GCC3D token sustainability in the long term and build an anti-dump shield.

We have successfully launched the first ten web-based service platforms. Into two years after its launch, we decided to suspend the project due to a lack of direct P2P crypto payments. Global surveys proved that the cryptocurrency sector remains in the distribution and accumulation stage – it was too early to keep running businesses targeted to crypto P2P payments. According to market trends, we focused on building our own trading platform, multicurrency web wallet, and in-depth blockchain 2.0 research, we are still developing the 3D Café business and 3D Print Points. We are continuously observing market trends and are ready to relaunch the Ecosystem24 initiative once regulations and demand are more crypto-oriented and friendly.

Our Journey


  • Research on 3D printers
  • Global 3D printing concept is born
  • 3D print points development
  • Global Crypto Currency The GCC token launch
  • Migration to mainnet – own blockchain deployed
  • Node wallet, web wallet and mobile wallet release
  • Ecosystem24 idea and development
  • The GCC coin trading goes live
  • Development and launch of the Ecosystem24
  • GCC own payment gateway is ready
  • The first 10 Ecosystem24 portals launched
  • GCC3DCafe showroom opened in Europe
  • New hybrid blockchain and masternodes tokenomy development
  • Ecosystem24 temporarily suspended – new exchange development starts
  • GCC 3D Cafe opening in Asia
  • Temporary migration to new blockchain – masternode tokenomy launched
  • Multi-currency web wallet development
  • 3D blockchain 2.0 research starts


  • 3D Print Points 2.0 migration starts
  • TheGCCcoin SWAP to GCC3D successfully completed

  • GCC3D token live on CoinDeal exchange

  • Caytrex Exchange – GCC3D business partner at final tests phase

  • Multi-Currency Web Wallet final tests

  • New GCC 3D token – edu sessions programme starts

  • New exchange listing on the way

  • Blockchain 2.0 research continues – final platforms revealed

  • GCC 3D Cafe – new modular combi system introduced


  • Webwallet optimisation
  • New partnerships

  • 3D Print Points 2.0 beta

  • R&D of IoT devices compliant with 3D blockchain 2.0

  • GCC 3D Cafe new openings

  • GCC3D payment gateway to support global awareness

  • Ecosystem24 resumes

  • Migration to the 3D Blockchain 2.0

  • SWAP process

  • 3D Print Points 2.0 integration with the new blockchain