A contract that implements GCC logic inside the ETH blockchain has all the methods specified in ERC20 and behaves as an ERC20 token.

Its main feature is the staking mechanism for tokens. Staking is implemented discreetly.


According to the table (PDF), there’s a reward pool assigned for each year and hardcoded into the smart contract.

One year is divided into 365 days what gives a fixed daily reward pool to share between staking addresses:

Status ‘Master node’

addresses with over 1,000,000 GCC put to staking, shares with other ‘Masternode’ addresses
80% of daily rewards.

Status ‘Stakenode’

addresses with less than 1,000,000 GCC put to staking, shares with other ‘Stake node’ status addresses
20% of daily rewards.






You can use any erc20 compatible wallet to hold and transfer your GCC3D token, but in case you would like to execute additional instructions like, e.g., staking, you should use one of the following